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Trigon Homes is a local homebuilder with a history of helping the Culpeper Community.

It’s no surprise that Trigon Homes has announced their active involvement in the green building movement that is has caught national and local attention. The term green building refers to energy efficient construction that seeks to preserve our environment and our natural resources.

Trigon Homes is an ENERGY STAR partner and EarthCraft House Builder Member, constructing new homes that are energy efficient by national and government standards. By taking the lead in building such homes here in the Piedmont region, Trigon hopes more people will learn about green building. “Although many people hear the term “green” these days, there is still no single definition for what green building really is. That is why at Trigon we are following the standards set out by Energy Star and EarthCraft House. They are third-party organizations with standards and recommendations with proven results for saving money and resources, ” according to Walter Cheatle, Jr. of Trigon Homes.

Not only do green homes use less fuels for heating and cooling, these homes use resources more efficiently. This adds up to a 30% per year savings on utilities bills compared to a standard constructed home. That’s a savings that homebuyers can see in actual dollars saved. According to Cheatle, “Great care is taken during the construction phases to provide the best insulation “blanket” for a new Trigon Energy Star home. These steps are above and beyond standard construction codes. Additionally, tightly sealed air ducts, better fitting heating and air systems, and energy efficient windows, doors and appliances provide for a complete energy efficient product.”

“ ‘What does a green home look like?’ That’s the first question we hear from customers. They don’t want a house that looks like it’s from a sci-fi movie,” says Cheatle. “But the fact is a green home looks just like any other home. All steps to make it energy-efficient are behind the walls and made during the construction phase. That’s why customers interested in the best energy-efficiency will have better luck with new construction. Older homes already have walls, insulation and heating systems in place and would require complete gutting to achieve Energy Star recommendations.”

Building Energy Star and EarthCraft House is more affordable than you might think. Most steps to build an Energy Star home are not much more in cost than traditional building. And, while there are optional steps that may incur increased costs during the building phase, customers will quickly see their invested money regained through lower utility bills while in the house. And for those keeping re-sale in mind, the future of the real estate market will be focusing on green homes too. “Just think what gas might cost in 10 years,” says Cheatle. “Then think how quickly your energy-efficient home will sell compared to a non-energy efficient home in 10 years.”

“That’s why we believe that green building is our future. Besides, it’s a win-win-win… for the environment, your family’s comfort, and for you wallet too.”

As an ENERGY STAR partner, Trigon Homes is proud to be part of a national effort that last year alone helped to:

Save enough energy to power 15 million homes

Remove the emissions equivalent to 14 million cars

Save Americans $7 billion!

Fore more information on “green” energy efficient practices for your new and your existing home, visit www.energystar.gov, www.earthcrafthouse.com, and www.trigonhomes.com.

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