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We are honored to share our homeowners' experiences in their own words:

January 20, 2017

Dear Walter:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Rhonda and myself to commend you and your company for the wonderful job on our new house. Not only is it the house of our dreams, the entire process from day one to closing was made much less stressful because of you and your staff. Nicole was extremely helpful from designing the floor plans, picking out the colors and styles of choices, and any additional options we chose. She always answered our questions and emails timely and she never felt like we asked a ridiculous question. When asked, she gave us her opinion which aided us making our choices. Michelle was also accommodating to the many change orders we created as well as keeping us informed of when due or issues needed our attention. She was professional and would always go the extra mile to get us information or answer any questions we had. I want to also thank the crew and subcontractors that worked on our house. Their attention to detail and pride in their work was evident in the quality of their craftsmanship. Jim was particularly accommodating during the process, especially the walk-through and punch out list.

Moreover, I want to thank you personally for everything you did for Rhonda and myself during this time. From the day we first walked the property to moving boulders around our property twice, you went the extra mile for us on even the most trivial things. More importantly, you genuinely cared about us and our wellbeing when we needed it the most. You (and your wife) accommodated us on multiple occasions when most people or companies would not have. It was great pleasure working with you and Trigon and I will continue to recommend Trigon to friends and family who are looking to build a house.

Thank you again ~ Sincerely Greg and Rhonda Stanton

August 19, 2016

We have been nothing short of impressed with everything about our Trigon home, from our first visits to the office, to making the selections, to the building process, and most importantly, our beautiful, finished home!  We can’t say enough good things, I don’t even know where to start.  So forgive me if this is long, I just have a lot to say!

When we first started talking about buying a new home, we didn’t really think we could build.  We had always talked about building a house some day, but we never thought we could afford it.  Our first visit to Trigon was a couple of years ago.  We had a meeting with Walter to just discuss the building process and get a feel for what kind of house we could build in our budget.  He was amazingly patient with us, even though he knew we weren’t ready to make a decision for at least another year or two.  He never pressured us or brushed us off, and took plenty of time explaining everything and running numbers for us.  He even had Nicole take us up to the design center to take a look around.

Once the time came that we were ready to start seriously looking, our family was about to become bigger, and we didn’t think we had the time to wait for our house to be built with a baby on the way.  This house would be our forever house. The more we looked at resales, the more discouraged we became thinking that we would never find the one.  We went inside at least 20 or 30 houses over several months, and drove by a hundred more.  We didn’t think we were being terribly picky, but we wanted at least 2 or 3 acres of land, which really limited what was on the market.  We had the opportunity to walk through several Trigon homes during our search for a resale.  We were amazed with all of them.  They were anywhere between 2 and 15 years old, and each of them were still in great condition, and we were really starting to see the differences in the quality of workmanship show, especially as a home ages.  The floors didn’t squeak, the drywall was still nice without cracks or nail pops, corners were still square, doors still opened and closed perfectly in their frames.  This was certainly not the case in most of the other houses we went to see.  So we started talking about building again. 

There was really not a great selection of lots out on the market to build on.  We were just starting to become discouraged again when we thought about our visit with Walter awhile back, and thought we should at least go talk to him again.  We were really surprised when he was able to find a lot that wasn’t even officially on the market through a friend.  When he told us it was between 5 and 7 acres, we didn’t think we could afford it.  We had already decided on the York model, and when he told us we could build the York on that lot within our budget, and still have a little space left for a few upgrades, the decision was easily made!  Walter and Jim even took us out to the lot to show us where exactly the house would sit and walk the property with us.

The rest of the process was a breeze.  Nicole was incredibly helpful and very knowledgeable when it came time to make our selections.  We really felt like she helped us make the right decisions for our family.  She didn’t pressure us to blow our budget on upgrades, but helped us put the money we had for upgrades in just the right places.  She didn’t impose her own opinions on anything, but wasn’t afraid to tell us if we should reconsider a choice, and had a practical reason that made us agree with her.   Anything she didn’t know off the top of her head, she would reach out and get an answer for within a matter of a few days.  There were plenty of little things we would think of after we left the design center, and she was always patient and responsive to our questions.  Even though we felt like we were pestering her at times, she never seemed to mind and always welcomed more questions!

Once ground was broken, we would get frequent updates on the status of what was going on.  The new house was 45 minutes away, so we couldn’t see every step of the progress on our own, but stopped by almost every weekend to see for ourselves.  We were amazed at how much they could accomplish each week.  We were also able to see several differences in the quality and workmanship as the house was going up.  We also ran into an issue in the timing of the lease for the house we were living in, and Walter made every effort to keep the progress moving as quickly as he could, but never at the sacrifice of quality.  We would frequently see contractors working on the house during our weekend visits, and even on Memorial Day.  Any slight issues we noticed were addressed immediately.  For example, one of the windows was in the wrong place, and they were able to fix it without question.  We were able to add a few other slight modifications as the house was being built, and Nicole was, as usual, timely in her responses and very accommodating.  Right before we closed, we were given a very thorough tour of the home where all the systems were explained and we were given advice on how to care for and maintain everything.  We were given a binder where all the product information, vendors, and warranties were organized for us to keep.  We had a very short list of minor items that needed to be finished or corrected after closing, and everything on that list was taken care of quickly.

We absolutely love our new home.  The quality of workmanship absolutely shows, and was proven when we got our first electric bill.  Being out in the country, the whole house is electric, and the bill came in significantly less (in July, with A/C on full blast!) than it did for our much smaller townhouse. We have been amazed at the building process as a whole, and the professionalism of the Cheatle family and everyone at Trigon.  We were surprised one day when we were walking out of Lowe’s when a Trigon employee we didn’t even recognize stopped us to ask how we like our new house and to make sure we are still pleased.  Well, we’re pleased as punch!  My husband even said to me once that whenever we see Walter it’s all he can do to not just give him a big hug!  Most people who build a home say they would never do it again, that it was full of headaches and problems.  If we had to do it over, we wouldn’t have changed a thing!  It is refreshing to see a business that takes such pride in their work and can offer such quality and service at an affordable price.  We truly want to thank Trigon for not only meeting, but exceeding our expectations, and for treating our family like their own.

~ Glenn and Rachel Smith

June 11, 2015

We want to say a big thank you to both, Trigon Homes and Team Cheatle.  It was a pleasure working with all of you.  Everyone was so helpful with every phase of the building process.  Walt and Terry thank you so much for be patient with us, when we were deciding on a house plan and the right parcel of land.  I know we went back and forth a few times, but in the end with your guidance we selected the perfect plan and lot.    

Nicole did an outstanding job with adjusting the floor plan to meet our needs and keeping us within our budget.  There were times that we felt a little overwhelmed with the whole designing process, but she was always there to answer any questions and to help guide us through the process.

Thanks again, we love our new home and are so pleased with Trigon Homes!  We will recommend you to anyone we know that is looking to build a new home.

~Scott & Tonda Bradley


April 30, 2015

“We first met Walt and Nicole Cheatle at their office in Culpeper. They were the third home builder with whom we had met but we left that Trigon appointment convinced we had found our builder. (Side note: I will preface this testimonial with the following background-- My wife and I live for designing/decorating houses. We organized and completed three major house renovations prior to starting this new construction and are VERY HANDS-ON). We intended to analyze every detail down to the types of lightbulbs going into the vanity lights. We spent the next almost two years emailing, texting, calling, and meeting with Walt and Nicole all hours of the day and night. Whereas some contractors would have been inclined to, at best, not answer the phone, or at worst, get into a verbal confrontation, Walt and Nicole were always there to listen and help. They were open to every change and addition we made to the original plans and were truly excited to make whatever we envisioned happen. They also offered great advice and recommendations throughout the process that highlighted their years of experience and know-how. They are consummate professionals—courteous and knowledgeable but also genuinely nice people. We received our Certificate of Occupancy about three weeks ago and we are still in awe of the quality of the house. The attention to detail is extraordinary and quality of work is exemplary. Even Trigon’s craftsmen were a pleasures with whom to work. Jim (the foreman) was always right on top of his communication, calling with follow up information as soon as we requested it and the carpenters, Ryan and Charlie, are truly talented—our custom stairway could be in a magazine—and friendly. We cannot say enough good things about Trigon Homes so allow this to suffice: If you are looking to build a custom home, do yourself a favor and call Trigon.”

Thank you Team Cheatle!

~ Jeff and Kristy Buzzi ~ Fauquier Co., VA


March 25, 2015

Building a home in NOT easy! There are so mnay huge decisions to be made - when to sell your current home, where to build, etc. It can be conpletely overwhelming, but the Triogn Team made it easy.

We listed our townhome with Terry and Century 21. Terry was always available to answer questions and help us deal with our concerns, not only with selling our old home, but also with building a new one.

We toured several models of home at both Dove Hill and Glendale and ended up building the Halifax, a floor plan that we were unable to tour.

We met with Walter and Nicole at the Trigonelline and design center several times. At these meetings we were able to adjust the floor plan to meet our needs and adjust the interior design to meet our budget. Nicole could not be better suited for this job. She listened to our wants and needs, concerns, bickering and breakdowns, but still never forced her opinion on to us and kept us both on task and budget.

Jim and Walter mad themselves available to take us inside the house throughout the building process to give us a tour and address any questions or concerns that we had. We felt like we were included at all times. Any issues that we had were corrected appropriately and in a timely fashion.

Within a few months, the house building process was completed and we were moving into our gorgeous new home.

Walter, Terry, Nicole and Jim are all still available when we have any questions. We enjoyed sharing this process with the Trigon Team and would chose them if we ever decided to build again.

Thanks again to the Trigon Team!

~ Mark and Ashley Wharton


February 23, 2015

It was a pleasure working with you and the entire Trigon Team to build our home in Locust Grove. Right from the beginning, your assistance in finding the right parcel of land was so helpful. While it took us a while to find the right lot, you were always generous with your time and opinions. Your guidance continued by helping us position the house so it takes best advantage of the contours of the land. During the construction process you were helpful and provided us with a comfort level that was so important to us especially since we lived 500 miles away during much of the construction.

Using Trigon’s design center allowed us to see various options we could choose for our new home and provided a central location to see several scenarios. When we finally moved to the area a couple of months before the house was completed, we had the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the skilled workers who were building the house. Without exception, these workers were professional and were happy to explain to us what they were doing.
The final product is exceptional and will make a wonderful home for us and our family.

~ Ken and Donna Lapre

January 28, 2015

Hey Walter,

We just wanted to send a quick thank you. We are super happy with the outcome of the house. We have had multiple friends of ours have bad experiences with other builders, so we went into this with some apprehension. Just wanted to say that everything from start to finish with Trigon has been incredible. The final product has been worth the wait! Thank you guys for working with us and communicating with us every step of the way. Every time I drive up into our driveway I have to pinch myself. There were a ton of small things that you guys did that added up. The professionalism and the patience you guys had with us was amazing. Thanks again we would definitely recommend you guys to anyone looking to build. We hope to be able to use you guys again in the near future!

Thanks, Tim

October 27, 2014

We want to thank both Trigon Homes and Team Cheatle for building us our home. From the beginning until now, 2 months after delivery, everyone has been outstanding in this process. Jim C. was so patient and took us to tour each model we were considering until we decided on the York. With the help of Nicole, our home was tailored to be what WE wanted, not necessarily how the model itself was designed. Any questions or concerns that arose were addressed in a timely manner.

The only issue we had with our building experience came from a lender that we brought to Trigon. Delay after delay, we were never made to feel at faul tand Walt was more than accommodating in getting us to closing. Since completion, we've had a couple small issues arise and Jim S. has taken care of things quickly and beyond expectations. We don't anticipate moving for many years but I whole-heartedly recommend Trigon to anyone else that may be looking to build their new home.

Thank you again! ~ Tommy & Melissa Ingham

August 17, 2014

Dear Mr. Walter, Nicole, Jim and the rest of the Trigon Team,

We are sending this to thank you and your team for the great work in our new home and to share the good experience with future customers. We cannot believe this project started over a year ago when we met Walter in Dove Hills for the very first time. We were tired of dealing with other builders in the area that do not tailor their house plans for our needs without first charging an unreasonable amount of money. Nicole did not hesitated to change the floor plans to accommodate my father wheelchair and other particular requests.

We want to thank you for all your time, dedication and analysis during all our visits together to prospect lots. After meeting with Nicole, Terry and
Jim we knew that we where in the right place. I really appreciate that all your team was always able to accommodate their own schedules to deal with my
irregular working hours and being available for us by phone, email and in person anytime during the project.

When we spoke the first time over a year ago we set a closing date and you promised that you will deliver the house on time even with all the logistics
and resources that took to find the right lot, buy it and wait for the right time for breaking ground - and you did..!

Now, we are proud owners of a beautiful Trigon York house that we are going to call "home" for many years to come.

Your future customers can be sure that Trigon is the right choice to build their dream house!

Thank you!! ~ The Garcia's Family

June 24, 2014

Dear Walt, Terry, Nicole, Jim, Ryan, and Charlie

I don't even know where to start!!! The Trigon team feels like family, for everything all of you have done for us in getting us into our very 1st Custom built home is beyond amazing, and we just can't thank you all enough!!! From the day we called Terry about putting our home up for sale, to helping us find the perfect home for our large family, to her taking us out to see homes in the Dove Hill Subdivision, to selling our home after its 1st showing and being completely understanding about our time consternates of building a new home with 6 kids & 4 dogs all while working on our 4th adoption of a special needs child, answering all our crazy questions, being so open and honest with us about the building process, and thinking of our kids at Easter time!!! We have already recommended her to friends in the area!!!

After meeting and walking MANY lots with Walt, and him holding our hands thru every step of the way we finally narrowed it down to our most perfect lot for a family of our size and needing land for the kids to run and play on!!! We broke ground, during what ended up being one of the worst winters our area had ever seen!!! None of us ever could have been prepared for!!! Walt not only turned into our builder, our friend, but also our daily winter weather man!!! Someone we were in daily touch with on the progress of our home!!! He never made us feel like a burden with all the emails, phone calls, drop in visits to the office even with the kids, all winter long!!!! And honestly, I don't know anyone else that we would have wanted to go through such a crazy winter with!!! He explained weekly how the winter would change the progress of our building, and each and every step that we where at along the way!!! Never did he hesitate to let us know what step was next or where we where in the process, or willing to meet us over at the house to show us where we where at with the building process!!! Being parents to 6 kids, 2 of which have special needs we are very much planners and he got that, and was more than willing to work with us every single step of the way!!!! And now after one of the worst winters we have one of the most beautiful homes to show for it!!!

After picking our lot, we got the pleasure of meeting Nicole. From day one, she got what we where looking for in a home with a large family!! She new that our large dinner table was a HUGE thing for us in the new house and its where so many of our meals are shared and memories are made, and she came up with a game plan to make it work out to fit just perfectly into our new home design, and even came out to our home that we had up for sale to see how we had things laid out to get a feel for what we wanted!!! She asked us questions about things we never would have thought of with the whole design process, and took all of our emails and phone calls with last min. design questions!!! Honestly, I am so glad that we had Nicole and an onsite design center to be able to plan out our home with someone and to be able to see all of the products up front!!! It made building our home so much easier!!!!

Jim, he put up with our crazy family of 8 for almost a year, and through one of the worst winters!!! Showing up on sight to take ANOTHER scrap booking picture, or to ask again where the toilet was going to be sitting in the bathroom, or where the windows where going to be placed!!! And he put up with us and the kids every step of the way!! He welcomed us, and even showed the kids how dry wall went up and how it looked before, during, and after!!! He has a true heart for his job, and it really shows!!!

Ryan and Charlie, Two of Trigons right hand guys!! They where always a joy to see on sight and our kids just love them!!! They are always willing to answer any questions about the work they are doing and it really meant a lot to us that they even took the time out to talk to all the kids!!! It really shows when you have workers that are willing to take time out of their day for you and your family!!!

Again, It was just wonderful working with the whole Trigon Team from Top to Bottom!! Their family run business and integrity meant so much to us, and we Thank them so much for being with us on the journey of our very 1st building experience!!!

~Alyssa & Jamie Riedl

April 14, 2014

Dear Walter and Jim,
We are writing this letter to thank Trigon Homes, not simply for our beautiful new home, but for the overall experience that got us here. Let me begin by saying that we started the process about two years prior to settlement. We already knew that we wanted Trigon Homes to build our new house, because of your stellar reputation, as well as personal referrals. Originally, we wanted to live in Dove Hill, which is where we met Terry and Jim Cheatle. After Terry and Jim spent a considerable amount of time with us (over many months), we decided that we wanted to build on a lot without covenants or HOA rules. Terry quickly compiled a list of available lots in our preferred area. By this time, we became good friends with Walter, who understood well what we were looking for. Walter actually visited the lots on Terry’s list and narrowed it down for us. In the meanwhile, we thought that we decided on a model. Terry phoned a friend, who lived in our choice model, who in turn invited us into her home for a tour. We loved the floor plan, but decided to select a different model. Finally, we found our lot and were ready to move forward.

Before construction started, Walter helped us lay out our house the way we wanted it. We basically rearranged every feature in the house. We added windows, took down walls, moved countertops, etc. After about a dozen plan revisions, we had it right! During construction, Walter kept us in the loop the entire way. We had input down to the last detail. When I decided to add two windows to the basement after the walls were already formed, Walter made it happen. There were, of course, a few snags. For example, the cabinet supplier went out of business just before the cabinets were to be delivered. We could not afford a delay, but the only available cabinets were much more expensive than our selection.

Without a hesitation, Walter upgraded the cabinets at his own expense and the project moved forward. We finished early and moved in on the promised date. We have been in our house for almost six months now. We just survived the worst winter we can remember. And let me give credit where it is due. This house took the brutal winter extremely well. We built on top of a hill with no tree cover. I remember looking out a window one morning, the trees were bending over as the wind was absurd. It was snowing sideways, both our dogs were scratching at the door begging to be let in. But standing at the window, it felt like I was watching the blizzard on TV. It was nice and cozy inside the house, no wind noise, not a draft. We used the fireplace a few times just for fun. Personally, I’m almost disappointed to have a fireplace and no need to use it. This was our first experience building a house. Thank you, again, for holding our hands the entire way and making the process so much fun. And the end product shattered our expectations. Should we decide to build another house, we will definitely be talking again!

~ Sincerely, Drew & Christine Kratly

April 13, 2014

I want to commend your team for the fantastic job done designing and building our house. When we first started in this endeavor we interviewed another builder as well, but my family was all in agreement upon meeting with you and Nicole that you were the right company to partner with. Although you offer very beautiful options in your portfolio, our interest was in a custom design we brought to the table. We felt that your outlook was much more fluid and we would not be kept to a checklist stifling our creativity. We could not have been more right. Both you and Nicole understood the ambiance we wanted in the house and took that design to another level making great suggestions along the way to improve the beauty and functionality of the design. You looked into any ideas and products we brought to you even when they were not in your normal usage. Did I mention the patience? You both must have taken training from some Zen monks to sit through our design sessions. Two families with differing opinions building a house together does not an easy process make! Thank you for your diplomacy and support explaining the ins and outs of the process. When we walked into the finished house we were overwhelmed at the little details we did not expect which tie the aesthetic of the house together. It was even more wonderful than we had imagined. Most importantly we had great trust and confidence throughout in your team to be honest and forthright in your dealings with us. Even as hiccups come as they inevitably will in construction, you rectify any concern without hesitation. Walter, my biggest complaint is that we can’t live full time in this beautiful vacation house. We are looking forward to years of making memories thanks to your stellar crew. Thanks for everything.

~ The Lute and Lucas Family

January 8, 2014

We recently purchased a home in the Dove Hill subdivision from Trigon Homes. All I can say is “wow”. We have been very pleased with our lot and the experience. We have great neighbors, a beautiful lot, and plenty of space. The whole experience with Trigon was a pleasure. We really liked their design studio and the hassle free no pressure dealings with everyone involved. From lot selection, through delivery, we were very impressed and would recommend Trigon to everyone.

~ Ronnie & Cindy White

January 3, 2014

Walter, Nicole, and the Trigon Tea,

We would like to say thank you for our beautiful new home. We decided in the spring of 2013 to downsize from our home in Northern Virginia and began looking for a home in the Culpeper area. We found the listing for a home and lots online and drove out to take a look. Having built a home once we were not sure we wanted to go through that experience again. After deciding that we did want to build we met with Walter, chose a lot, and began the process of building.

Walter made us feel so at ease as he explained everything thoroughly. Nicole in the design center was great. We never felt any pressure in the decisions we were making and they both gave us such great suggestions on options we might be interested in. Designing a house is hard and we began to second guess ourselves on the options we had chosen. Walter and Nicole took the time to pull all the selections again so we could take one more look.

We had one snag with the chosen financial company. Walter and Terry immediately stepped in and guided us in the right direction for financing with a new company. What could have been a nightmare turned out to make for a smooth closing.

Our home in Northern Virginia sold quickly and we lived with relatives for three months. Walter had promised us he could have the house built in three months and he lived up to his word.

The construction is superb and the follow-up we have had with the contractors has been excellent. If there has been an issue on anything we would call Jim Snoderly and he would have someone at the house the next day. Jim is great to work with.

Again, it was a wonderful working with Walter and Nicole. Their integrity and honesty meant so much, and we thank you for making this move great.

~ Sonny and Bernie Posey

July 28, 2013

Walter, Nicole and Jim,

Let me first say Thank You very much for a wonderful new home! It is a beautiful place and one I look forward to living in for many years to come. Next, I would like to provide an account of my experience for all future customers so they will feel as much at ease as I did with Trigon during the whole process.

I first started looking for a new home some 5 years ago after completing a 20 year career in the United States Navy. My dream was to find a meager parcel of land and a comfortable little place to call my own. My initial exposure to another local builder turned into a bit of a nightmare and left an extremely bad taste in my mouth. I was feeling skeptical and rather disheartened that I would be able to find a builder to trust.

My first meeting with Walter and Nicole made me feel as though a solid working relationship was possible. They both listened very attentively, offered some insightful ideas and were ready to get to work constructing my new home. Walter took me to a piece of land that was being offered for sale and as we walked the woods, he pointed out potential home placement and drain field location. I felt that if the president of a company would take his time to walk the woods and help me envision my new home, then he and his Team would be a perfect match for me.

We began the process of acquiring the land. With just a minor snag that was soon overcome, the lot had the heavy equipment in place and clearing soon began. Progress was fast and furious and within no time the foundation was laid. The framers wasted no time getting all the sticks in place and it soon began to take shape looking like a home. The weeks flew by and each time I visited the sight, I was amazed at how much more had been done. Then came the hard part, making the selections for the home.

I had the pleasure of working with Nicole in Trigons' design center making all of my selections. Each time I put some items side by side to ensure color compatibility, I would ask Nicole for her opinion. She would generally respond with, "your colors are not clashing, that's good" or "it looks like you are staying very neutral, that's fine." She did such a wonderful job having ideas for the home layout and the design began to fall into place. Nicole was quick to get me answers on the many millions of questions that I presented her. We met on three separate occasions to make all the selections but Nicole continued to stay in touch when I wanted to add one more thing or make just one more change. Each step she was very helpful and always eager to assist.

Jim Snoderly, Trigons' foreman for this job, is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. On the various occasions that I ran into Jim at the sight, he would take the time to walk around with me, answering the many questions I had and even answered the ones I didn't know I had. He helped me understand numerous things about my home that were unique to my location as well as explain every answer to ensure I understood fully. His drive to produce a beautiful home and quality product was very evident during my final walk-through when he declared, "if I had one more day, these items would not be on that list." The items I found were merely cosmetic in nature, so Jim, kudos to you!

Walter, if you have customers that have any doubt about Trigons' ability to make a new home build go smoothly, do not hesitate to have them get in touch with me. I started out as a true doubting Thomas but I must say, I believe in you and your wonderful Team. Once again, thank you!

My Sincerest Regards ~ Jim C.

November 15, 2012

I would like to detail my recent experience with TRIGON homes and the process of having our new home built in Culpeper, VA. Or search for a home started in April 2012, when we found out we’d be relocating from Long Island to VA. My new job was near Warrenton, VA and we initially looked for an existing home between there and Culpeper. Our search was long, exhausting and unsuccessful. The real estate market has definitely bounced back in northern VA and we were outbid a number of times on homes.

Our realtor suggested we speak to a few builders. We spoke to the large, national builders closer to Warrenton and were met with nothing but greed and poor customer service. Nearly every deviation from their master home plans had a huge upgrade cost to it. Our realtor finally suggested we talk to Trigon, who was a family owned business right in the heart of Culpeper.

Our first meeting with Walter and Nicole pretty much sealed the deal. Within 10 min, we had already received better detail and respect than any of the other builders we spoke too. Their office is beautiful…not a box trailer like the other builders, which I thought was a good testimony to the type of work they do.
The process was very easy in the beginning. We already knew what we wanted in general, so selecting the style of home was simple. What we thought was going to be difficult (changing the interior structure of the home), was also pretty simple thanks to Nicole. From the start, she made it clear that they would make any modifications to walls and floors that they could without compromising the integrity of the home. We were so pleasantly surprised to learn that Trigon would not charge for these changes like other builders do! They explained that moving a wall does not necessarily incur costs for the builder, so why should it cost the buyer more! This in and of itself sets Trigon apart from many builders, who would gladly charge a few thousand dollars more.
From the start, the Trigon team made it clear that they love the business they are in. It shows in the quality work they do, and in the level of customer service they provide. They were always willing to think outside the box and rearrange the layout of a room. When we asked for something, the answer was either “sure!” or if it was a little unusual… “well, lets try it and see”. We really appreciated their willingness to go beyond the basic plans!!

I had a particularly bad experience trying to secure a mortgage for this home due to very poor servicing from the lender. Walter and the Trigon team were very sympathetic to the delays caused by the lender. I will also say that there were virtually no builder delays, which is almost unheard of. In the end, the Trigon team built our home in only 90 days.

It was also a wonderful experience working with Tammy, the interior designer. She was so easy to work with and took our occasional outlandish wishes in stride! She was also highly professional and earned our trust quickly by letting us know when something we wanted wasn’t worth the price. She really took away a lot of the stress of designing a new home.

The quality and expertise is top notch. And our new home is exactly what we wanted. As a local business themselves, they are a wonderful resource for identifying other local businesses, many of which we now frequent. Trigon was a big part of welcoming us to Culpeper. I would recommend Trigon without reservation, and we are excited about the relationship we have built. ~ Brandon Smith

October 22, 2012

Dear Walter,

Sherry and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you, your entire Trigon team and your associated subcontractors for our fantastic new home.

Every phase, from the planning through to the final occupancy, went perfect. To name just a few, Nicole worked with Sherry on the building plans, even to lengthening a wall to accommodate placement of unusual pieces of furniture, you oriented the house to take advantage of the sun light and the colorful winter sunsets, Jim’s attention to details, that gave us assurance that no sloppy shortcuts nor compromises were taken and Tammy’s keeping us up to date on selection of available options, that guaranteed us no unexpected surprises. The whole experience went so very smoothly and professionally.

There are way too many aspects in the building of our home and our extreme satisfaction with our interactions with Trigon to list here. Walter, please feel free to give us as references to prospective clients and to show our home as an example of the superior quality of Trigon’s workmanship.

Thank you ~ John and Sherry Kirby

October 5, 2012

So here I am. It is late May and the clock is ticking until I have to be out of my house. I am disabled and can’t find a resale home to suit my needs. My realtor happens to find a lot in Culpeper that is owned by a builder.

So began a love affair with my builder, Trigon Homes. Yes, that is right – a love affair. I was older, disabled and a single woman. I just KNEW a builder would try to push. Not so with Trigon. I was clear about what I wanted to spend and they never pushed. They understood my disability needs, and yes, even the “pretty things” that I hoped for in my forever home. There was never a “push” to spend more. Trigon actually guided me along the way with what I needed and what I could do without. This was not like the builders I had ever heard about! They even had a disability savvy staff member who worked the original house plans to suit every ADA need that one could think of.

The Design Center showed me how to get the most “bang for my buck” and I loved everything that I picked out with their help.
Every concern was addressed and no question was too small to be taken seriously.

Walk through was thorough. My realtor was with me the entire time and went over everything with the building supervisor. We got pictures for my computer so that I wouldn’t forget where things were for maintenance. Everyone marveled at the quality of workmanship and the high standards of materials used.
So here I am. I am a very happy home owner who is in the sweetest and most appropriate home that I could ever hoped for. Was this the end of the love affair? No indeed. Trigon did not take the money and run. Whatever concerns I’ve had in the last month have been promptly addressed. I’ve been treated with kindness and dignity.

Thanks to my friends at Trigon for making my dreams come true and for being the essence of the phrase “GOOD SOULS”. ~ Nancy Lagasse

October 4, 2012

Working with Trigon Homes has been a pleasure. Every concern we had having a home built was addressed and rectified. We were kept in the loop for the building and the financial aspect the entire time. We are completely satisfied with our new home. We have been recommending Trigon Homes to our friends and family. Thank you. ~ Duane Leiker and Anne Chang

June 12, 2012

To All Prospect Culpeper Home Buyers:
We first went to Dove Hill Estates out of curiosity. The search for an existing home to buy had become exhausting and frustrating for Jane and me so we decided to take a drive to Dove Hill to see what was there. Fortunately for us there was a home under construction so we decided to have a look at what kind of construction methods and materials were being employed. I have 45 years of construction experience and Jane and I have personally renovated three houses over the years. I was instantly impressed by what I saw in that house under construction. Remember, I stopped in there with no advance notice to anyone so my visit was a complete surprise. I met Jim Snoderly and he gave me the grand tour. After showing me around he offered to put us in touch with Jimmy and Nicole. We met them within the next half hour and were equally impressed with the information we got from them. Within days we were sitting down with Walt and Nicole engaged in incorporating our ideas into the standard plan for the York. Even with all of our experience we still got some really good ideas from Team Cheatle. When time came for construction the project was started right on time. The work was on schedule all the way through the project and the house was ready for us to move in on time and exactly when we were told to expect it.

Let’s be honest here. No construction project of any size or scale goes perfectly. There will be snags and differences of opinion on any of a number of levels. There will be changes by the buyer and some of those will be totally unexpected by the builder. These are just the facts of life when you build a home of an office building or a power house or any structure. When any of these issues arose, Walt and Team Cheatle handled them without any problems at all. We even decided on a last minute flooring change the day before the floor was to be installed. No problem. The guys on the job were great to work with and always cooperative. Believe me, I got to know them since I showed up on the jobsite at least twice a week. Always unannounced by the way. We love our new and it is just the way we want it. We are very happy with what we have here. I could go on but I have a better idea. If you really want to see what Trigon can do for you just stop by and take a look. I’m certain you will be impressed by what you see.

Thanks, John and Jane Graff

February 29, 2012

Bob and I want to thank you formally for the terrific work Trigon Homes has done in building our three-car hobby garage. Right from the start, Trigon listened to our requirements, budget constraints and desires. Site placement concerns were addressed and the result blends in so nicely on our lot. You suggested ways to make the garage more practical, guiding us with your builder’s expertise. You offered ideas for cost-cutting where you thought they might have the least impact on our desires for the overall project. Best of all, you provided an innovative solution to the building site that both doubled the square footage of the garage by providing us with an unanticipated basement and used newer technology that was virtually the same cost as a more traditional structure.

Your employees and subcontractors provided the same high level of courteous and professional service. Charlie and Ryan could not have been more helpful, offering suggestions for improvements while on the job site. They were always reassuring and patient in answering our questions. The electrical contractors, Gooch and Sons, were particularly helpful in assisting Bob with the decision about lighting needs that were crucial to the usefulness of the garage. Because Trigon Homes was recommended to us by good friends who were so happy with the work done for them on their home (construction and subsequent remodeling) we knew the process of working with your company would be a pleasant one. What we could no anticipate was just how involved you would personally be in a seemingly small project. This resulted in any concerns or questions being addressed quickly, for which we were grateful. We are thrilled with the results. Most days Bob can be found in the garage enjoying the spacious and beautiful work area it has provided for his cars and other hobbies.

Thank you.
Sincerely, Kathleen and Robert Fabie

October 19, 2011

For all the wonderful people at Trigon homes,

David and I thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you. Walter Sr. worked patiently with us on finding the right lot, and keeping us informed. Nicole was great in helping us move some walls, redesigning and making sure we were building the house that worked for us. Tammy was an absolute joy to work with. She was also very patient with us while walking us through the selection process. Terry was great in explaining the mortgage process as well. Once the house was started, it was very exciting, and we were kept updated very frequently. We have been living in the house now for 2 months, and we absolutely love it! We did have a few minor issues that needed to be addressed quickly, and they were! If we decided to build another house once our children are grown, we will most definitely use Trigon again. ~ The Dulac family

July 15, 2011

Good Morning,
Our family truly thanks the Trigon Team. Without their help and support, we would have had no idea on where to start and how to begin. We are a military family, that moved to Virginia sight unseen from HAWAII! Thanks to Terry Cheatle helping us locate our perfect area, and sending us more information on this town than anyone thought possible. From school and bus transportations, to restaurants and shopping. Terry was a magnificent source to our family needs. In a time where my husband was deploying and our family was relocating, Terry really reached out and helped us find and design with Trigon our perfect home. Throughout the process, Terry and Nicole packed our temporary rental home full of goodies to help us survive while our furniture was being shipped from Hawaii, and our New Trigon home was being built. I appreciate the hospitality the Trigon and Team Cheatle family embraced us with. Throughout the experience, Tammy the design coordinator was amazing. She reached out and answered all of my concerns and questions, in making sure that our home was the way I had envisioned in my head. Tammy and Nicole were awesome and accommodating sitting through meeting of floor plans and options with our little princesses trying to draw on the lighting arrangements or climb on the cabinet samples. The patience and expertise of Trigon homes was a fantastic fit to our families concerns and wants throughout the process. Walter Cheatle went above and beyond his duties to welcome us into our new home. And the building crew worked immense hours to produce our amazing home by the deadline in which we needed to move. The craftsmanship, the attitude, and the sense of family made this experience amazing. I thank you all at Trigon homes for touching our hearts. THANK YOU. ~ The Brugoto Family


We are getting settled in our new home and would like to thank Trigon Homes and Team Cheatle for marking our dreams come true. From the moment we started to work with Terry and Walter on selling our previous home, we knew that they would make it happen. They are both so knowledgeable, helpful, and such extraordinary people. Once we received the call from Terry that we had a contract, we began to work with Walter, Nicole, and Tammy on planning our new home. From my parent’s house next door (also a Trigon Home) where we were living, we watched our Trigon built home come together. Under the masterful direction of Jim and his skillful team of Ryan and Charlie, our home was constructed quickly, efficiently and with Trigon SUPERB QUALITY.
We would like to send a special thank you to both Terry and Walter for all their help and guidance during this process. Without them, we would not have been able to achieve our dreams. We can’t thank the ALL enough for helping our family once again and allowing our son to grown up next to his loving grandparents.

Sincerely, Barry, Julie and Brody Hill

December 20, 2010
To our friends at Trigon Homes,

We’d like to thank you all for the wonderful building experience we had with you this year. From the moment we met Terry we knew this would be a pleasant journey. Terry was so wonderful and helpful in selling our previous house, and then she went out of her way to make sure we were getting everything we hoped for in the new one. My husband and I met with Terry and Walter about a year ago to get started on the plans for our ideal home. After that first meeting my husband and I talked about how nice and accommodating the Cheatles were, it seemed too good to be true. After all the horror stories we’d heard over the years about building we just knew something was bound to happen to change the wonderful opinion we had of them. It turns out that they are as great as they seem. Walt started out by walking the land with us, giving insight and ideas along the way. He made sure he was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had from the beginning to the end of the process.

Nicole was absolutely amazing when it came to re-designing the house we picked out. I had several ideas of how I wanted the house to look and she made it all happen. If a thought came to my mind, she put it to paper while using her own expertise to make it even better. I had no idea it would be so quick and easy to get just what we wanted.

Tammy is the sweetest and most patient person, she was a tremendous help. We made several upgrades, downgrades, and changes to our house and Tammy walked us through every step. She was so accommodating and understanding about my many requests. We stayed in touch by phone or email almost daily about updates and changes being made. It was a good learning experience and one that I’m glad I went through, the end result was definitely worth it.

Thank you to all the guys who were onsite daily to oversee the progress being made. I really appreciate all the checks and balances they went through to make sure everything was as planned. Charlie and Jim went through and made sure there were no glitches and that everything was exactly by code. We had a couple things to be replaced or fixed and they had them done it a very timely fashion.

This was a wonderful experience for us and we’re truly grateful to everyone who took part in making it happen. My kids finally have a private yard to run and play and a beautiful house to grow up in. We highly recommend Trigon and Team Cheatle to anyone looking for a new home.

Thanks again,The Whorton Family

October 11, 2010
Dear Trigon Family,

We are just getting settled into our new home and how we DO LOVE IT. What a great experience working with the whole Trigon team.

From the moment Walt and Terry met with our realtor and Wendy, we fell in love with the whole “TRIGON EXPERIENCE.” Nicole was great to work with on house modification, layout and initial education into the whole ENERGY STAR concept. We were amazed at how quickly she could layout a design option and then tweak it to work even better than we had imagined. What a wonderful asset she is. It would have taken an architect weeks to do what she did in a couple of minutes. Tammy was wonderful from start to finish and even after. She was so patient and walked us through every design option, question, change and worry. Although we made many changes in appliances and design options in the process, she led us with expert and gentle guidance through those agonizing decisions. She has such a good design sense and it just the right person to calm a worried homebuyer through those choices and worries. Jim and his team did a great job on construction and follow-up on things needing touchup after the final walkthrough. Jim was very hands-on with questions we had even after the walk-though and has been wonderful in getting our small list of things corrected quickly and correctly.

This was a unique building experience since we were still living in Florida the whole time the house was being constructed. We only came up two times during the building process and you guys were able to get the whole thing done to our specifications without us watching every nail being driven.

Wendy even enjoyed the “OFF ROAD” experience with Walt showing her lot choices in the lingering snow.

We were glad to see so much “Made in America” products throughout the house and the excellent attention to detail in all the workmanship. We saw firsthand on several occasions were Trigon would proactively work with their subs to get things right to Trigon’s liking without waiting to see if we would be ok with the as-is situation.

The only negative to this process was us questioning “WHY DID WE WAIT SO LONG TO BUILD?” We should have done it last year. But, we are here. We love our new home and are very thankful to have found such a great team to work with. We go to sleep each night feeling safe in a well designed, well built home. Trigon definitely builds homes, not houses.

With great appreciation ~ Gordon and Wendy Collyer

July 16, 2010
My wife, Rose and I interviewed three home builders and decided to go with Trigon Homes. We were impressed with Walter and Nicole Cheatle. They are friendly yet professional people, and easy with which to work. Walt and Nicole were open to our input and suggestions. They wanted to know exactly what we wanted in building our dream home.

Everything was explained up front - pricing, when construction could begin, and a time table for each stage of construction. Walt explained all the permits and took care of everything. From beginning to end Walt and Nicole have been very attentive and flexible. Rose and I wanted several things added during construction, like another bathroom, propane back up system, and a 20 Kwh generator. These were no problem. Walt and sometimes Nicole have met me at the site many times to check everything and to answer any questions. PRoject manager Jim Snoderly has been very helpful and paid great attention o detail like it was his own home. ~ Jim made sure everything was done right. There weren't any bad surprises in this venture. Everything unfolded the way it was supposed to. It's been a real pleasure to work with the people at Trigon Homes and I highly recommend them. ~ Henry Howard

March 18, 2010

We had an exciting opportunity to build a home on family property in Culpeper.  Our project presented a few tests, least of which was that we lived in Philadelphia, PA and needed to find a builder we could trust in a “long distance relationship.” 

 Trigon passed the test!  

Nicole, Walt Sr. and Jr, and staff earned our trust.  Trigon constructed a well built and beautiful home that met our design specs and they completed the project early.  It will be hard to match their professionalism, commitment to excellence and unique approach to serving clients.  A year later, we are still “newcomers” in Culpeper – yet Trigon remains a valued resource for us.  ~ Richard Carroll and Ruth Irving-Carroll

January 7, 2010

Anyone considering building a home in the Culpeper area would do well to select Trigon Homes as their builder. In our experience, the Cheatle family and the entire Trigon team worked in a knowledgeable, caring way with us and our realtor from the beginning of the process (selecting the right building site, floor plan, and decorating schemes for our life style and budget) to the final walk-through and possession.  After the initial selection process with Trigon, we were unable to return to Culpeper due to time and distance until the home was complete. What a grand and glorious feeling to arrive and find our new home completed as promised and move-in ready, displaying extraordinary workmanship, with many added quality touches we had not expected, and all with no added cost to the original budget. Even after possession, Trigon Homes provides support through its warranty supervisor, Jim Snoderly, who has skillfully addressed any concerns and questions we have had.

In summary, as a result of working with Trigon Homes, we are now enjoying living in a community we love and in a well-built, energy-efficient home that fits our lifestyle , all built within our budget. Thanks to all on the Trigon Team for your expertise and dedication to excellence! ~ Dave and Cathy Olson

December 24, 2009

"I had two acres in Orange, Virginia and wanted to build a home there. My realtor recommended that I call Trigon Homes. When I called Walt Cheatle, the President, answered. He was very friendly and made me feel immediately that I called the right person. When I met Walt and the staff, they showed me some models that would meet my needs and in my price range. I was taken to see some homes that Trigon built and to a person, everyone I met told me what a great experience they had during and after the building. We eventually settled on one model and then the fun began! I really wanted two master suites. I also wanted to open up the house with the idea that I could do a lot of entertaining and one room should flow into another. Nicole Cheatle went to work designing the perfect house. It was very much like having my own personal architect. The interior she designed really met my expectations of what my house should look like.

I have always heard horror stories about the building of a house. To my pleasant surprise I didn’t experience any negative situations. The workers and supervisors couldn’t have been nicer and the changes they made during the process made good sense and were much appreciated. The home was finished on time and on budget with no dramas! After I moved in and I encountered some problems, Jim Snoderly was right there immediately to deal with the issues. I am very happy with my Trigon Home and would recommend them to anyone…..and I have!!!"  ~ Rick Fall

November 16, 2009

"Trigon Homes ~ an incredible family experience! Since we first walked in on a Sunday afternoon and met Walter Sr. and Terry, to the finishing of our home, the entire Cheatle family has gone out of their way to help us. Walter Sr. spent so much time with us showing us not only property but also what Trigon Homes was all about. With his honestly, forthrightness and knowledge he made us feel comfortable and confident that we could do this. We quickly met Terry and immediately she helped us prepare our hold home for sale, which included having a Trigon crew sent to our old house to do some difficult repairs. Terry also spent a lot of time helping us and guiding us. Her knowledge, professionalism and genuine caring helped us to sell our house quickly and painlessly. Without their help, we would probably have given up.

After the sale of our house, we met Nicole and Walter Jr. We were totally impressed by their tremendous desire to help us and their ability to coordinate and adjust the work load so well. Throughout the building process, there was a constant flow of communication, updates and feedback which enabled us to be a part of the building process. We were able to watch as our house was being built and knew exactly what was happening. A special note of thanks to the Trigon crew - Jim, Ryan and Charlie - the quality of their workmanship was exceptional!

Through the dedicated efforts of the entire staff of Trigon Homes, which included not only the building of our new house but also the selling and repairing of our old one, we were able to realize the home of our dreams. Our sincere thanks to all! ~ Henry and Janet Berberich

May 13, 2008
"Thank you so much for your help in building our dream home! Your input was invaluable and we know the house would never have turned out so well without your valiant efforts. Our home is definitely a high quality build home! Your ability to communicate with us was greatly appreciated. Your honesty and clarity made for a smooth transaction from start to finish. Your experienced staff helped make what could have been an overwhelming experience, both positive and memorable. Many thanks to a builder we would highly recommend." ~ Dave & Jill Detwiler

May 6, 2008
"Walt, Mr. Joe Blevins has completed our septic system work and it has passed inspection. Joe did a great job and I hope it won't give us any more trouble. Joe and his sons are super to work with. We also want to thank you, Jim Snoderly and Trigon for your help, care and concern. We can't say enough about a builder who will stand by their buyers like Trigon has and on a more personal level like you and Jim have done. Trigon and the Trigon people are truly an asset to our community and we wish for you continued success." ~ Our very best regards, Duane & Valerie Mitchell

May 2, 2008
"I am breaking in the riding mower these last few weekends. Plenty to mow. I love it though, wish we had done this years ago. And I love watching our animals, deer, turkey, squirrel and fox. I put up a hummingbird feeder, wood pecker feeder (we have a beautiful one that comes) and the wild bird feeder.
I am thinking up some landscape ideas too! Do you realize I have been dreaming and planning for over a year now with this house? But, it has been fun! A lot of weekends I get home on Friday evening from work and don't leave again except to go to the grocery store for my shopping. I'm a little home body as much as I can be. I enjoy being there so much." ~ Sherri Sellers

April 19, 2008
"Nicole, Just wanted to say how much we like the house. I really love the rounded wall and the column in the dining room. Both suites are perfect and we are very happy with them. The kitchen with the island is great as well. I think I.M. Pei and Frank Lloyd Wright may have competition!!! Thanks and best regards."
~ Rick Fall

December 20, 2007
"We love our new home. You people know how to capture the best in your design." ~ The Toia Family

December 4, 2007
"When we decided to leave the city and move to the country, it was a bit scary and overwhelming. The property across from our daughter went up for sale. She called us and we immediately called the realtor. Within two weeks we were sitting down with Trigon Development and picking out our retirement home. He helped us modify the plan of the house we chose to suit our needs. We were amazed how smooth everything went. The Trigon staff was very professional and cordial, making the process very exciting and enjoyable. After four years, we still love our home and wouldn't change a thing. We highly recommend Trigon Development to anyone that is planning to have a new home built." ~ Claude and Betty Johnson

December 4, 2007
"Dear Trigon, We're all quick to criticize when things don't go well but not so quick to give credit when they do. Today we write to commend Jim Snoderly [Trigon's Warranty Supervisor]. In the past year, we've had reason to be in touch with him several times and he always promptly returned our calls, was courteous and helpful - many times going "the extra mile" to assure we had satisfaction in the settlement of issues in the house. Hats off to you for employing Jim. We appreciate his fine service." ~ Lee and Richard Cenkus

November 16, 2007
"Our home is truly a dream come true. It’s everything that my husband and I ever wanted. It’s HOME!!  Mr. & Mrs. Cheatle and the Trigon Staff were great in assisting us. We felt like we mattered, the professionalism and sincerity made purchasing a Trigon Home a great experience.  My husband and I love our new home, thank you Trigon!! The privilege is all ours!!" ~ Mr.and Mrs. Allan and Deborah Blankenbaker

November 2, 2007
"Everybody at Trigon is wonderful. No complaints. The quality of work is excellent." ~ Glenn Garasic

September 17, 2007
"It was a great experience to work with Trigon on the building of our home. This is contrary to other builders where you're not a customer." ~ Mr. and Mrs. Van Krimpen

August 14, 2007
"I grab this opportunity to thank you for a great product to the finest details." ~ Zaher Nammari, ProHome Inspector

March 30, 2007
"I'd like to commend Trigon, especially [Jim Snoderly] and Walter [Cheatle, Jr.], for your efforts in getting the nail holes patched and painted. I realize the painting was above and beyond the contract and wanted to let you know you have mine, as well as Susan's, gratitude for such an extensive job. Your efforts to go the extra step and personally work with Sherwin-Williams in order to match the paint to the existing color is duly noted and greatly appreciated. Susan and I have had several homes but have never encountered any as well built as the one Trigon constructed for us. When we decide to build another home Trigon will be the first contractor/ developer we will go to." ~ Richard & Susan Kitts