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News from Trigon Homes

September 2014 - Spacious lots are now available! Imagine your new home spread out on one of these four attractive Oak Shade lots conveniently located in Bealton, a rural area in Fauquier County, Virginia.

April 2014 - More great reviews from our homeowners. Our customers continue to say it better than we do! Find out what it's like to build a home with us, read our customer reviews now.

August 2013 - Trigon Homes' corporate office move. We invite all of our customers past, present and future to visit us in our new office location! Just downstairs from our previous location, you'll now find us at 233 E. Davis Street, Suite 100 in Downtown Culpeper. Photos of our new space will be posted soon!

March 2012 - Trigon Homes celebrates 6 years as an Energy Star homebuilder. Serving the Culpeper and surrounding regions of Virgnia since 1997, and energy efficient builders since 2007, we are proud to have helped so many families enjoy their homes as a wonderful place to live, and also an an investment in their future. Thank you for allowing us to help make a difference!

June 3, 2011 - Trigon saves homeowners $3,129 on their utility bills? Trigon Homes celebrates their fourth year as an ENERGY STAR homebuilder. By building ENERGY STAR qualified homes, Trigon Homes is doing its part to help protect the environment while offering consumers new homes that are more comfortable and save money on utility bills. According to the EPA statistics, Trigon’s contributions last year as an ENERGY STAR builder in 2010 are equivalent to:

* Eliminating the emissions from 3.43 vehicles
* Saving 20,748 lbs of coal
* Planting 5.67 acres of trees
* Saving homeowners $3,129 on their utility bills

That’s not to mention the very happy homeowners who are now living in their dream homes neslted in and around the Piedmont Virginia region. All of this, plus they living more comfortably with better utility bills? Yes indeed! The team at Trigon Homes and Team Cheatle are excited to contribute to energy-efficient construction and environmental protection.


May 9, 2011 - Table Talk with the Piedmont Business Journal and Walter Cheatle

"The Piedmont Business Journal’s inaugural dinner discussion centered on real estate. [Excerpt below]
Just when it seems as though the economy is getting over the hump, something else comes along to give us a collective slap in the face.
The world’s third-largest economy gets hit by an earthquake and tsunami, putting a nuclear power plant on the edge of disaster. The world’s largest economy gets embroiled in yet another military action in the Middle East. And, something that affects every business, almost every person in our system, real estate, takes one step forward, one step back.

Just when recovery seems to be within reach comes word that nationwide sales of existing U.S. homes hit the lowest level in nearly a decade in February.

Real estate is so integral to our economic well being, the Piedmont Business Journal invited eight professionals from Prince William, Culpeper and Fauquier counties — brokers, builders and bankers — to discuss local conditions over a March 18 dinner at a private residence near Orlean.

There are some worrisome developments on the horizon, these professionals agreed.

There are good-worrisome problems — potential buyers are telling Realtors that there is not enough inventory, for instance. More construction starts would go a long way to revitalizing the general economy.

There are bad-worrisome problems. Uppermost among them, the potential disappearance of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and government intervention in the marketplace in general." Excerpt from the Piedmont Business Journal. Read the complete article here, page 48, Spring 2011.

Walter Cheatle
Cheatle started building homes in the greater Piedmont in 1997 under the banner of Trigon Homes.

He has developed more than 500 lots in the region and built in excess of 250 homes.
Trigon Homes is a custom home builder committed to the concept of green building. All its homes are constructed as Energy Star Certified. Every home is rated by an independent, outside consultant.

Trigon, Cheatle said, has the capability of serving every real estate need — from locating the perfect lot, to designing the customers’ dream home with any and all details the customer may desire, to building and finishing the home with the finest materials available.

Cheatle can be reached at (540) 727-0100 or by e-mail at "



April 8, 2011 - April is New Homes Month

Whether you’re a current or prospective home owner, or just interested in home building learn about the advantages of building at New Home. Visit the National Association of Home Builders for great resources about new home buying and building. For local information about new home building, check in with Terry and Jim at Team Cheatle REALTORS and Walter and Nicole at Trigon Homes, LLC. They are happy to answer questions about what’s available in the Culpeper and surrounding areas.


April 1, 2011 - It’s Time to Buy Real Estate

Is a housing shortage around the corner? As the market improves, and affordable homes are snatched up, we could be headed for a new home shortage. This article, Real estate: It’s time to buy again, gives an in-depth look by Sean Tully, Fortune Magazine. He writes, “So let’s state it simply and forcibly: Housing is back.” As the real estate market improves and available homes are snatched up at great prices, Tully takes a look at the housing market to come. Read more...


February 28, 2011 - Trigon sponsors the Gourmet Chef's Auction

Trigon Homes is proud to sponsor the 15th Annual Gourmet Chef's Auction, to be held this Thursday, March 3rd. This event is organized by Friends of SAFE. and helps raise funds and awareness in support of SAFE, Services to Abused Families, Inc. Tickets are on sale now and at the door, for $15 per person. For event details, visit


February 15, 2010 - Mention of Trigon Homes' new design center coming to Main Street.
Main Street rising (Trigon Homes evolves)- by Allison Brophy Champion, staff writer, Culpeper Star Exponent

In the front, Trigon Homes of Culpeper hopes to open its design center as early as this spring. The 2,000 square feet space will be “a one-stop shop for all our customers,” said Walt Cheatle, company president. His daughter and business partner Nicole Cheatle clarified that the center would be open to the general public as well, available to anyone interested in doing a home renovation project or building anew.

Folks can come in and look at exterior siding types, roofing materials, cabinets, carpet, flooring, etc., pick out what they like and have Trigon do the work, she said. Trigon began in 1997 as a homebuilder, constructing about 75 homes per year at the peak in the mid-2000s. Last year, they built about seven. Now, in the aftermath of the housing crash and a gradually improving market, Trigon is further expanding into the rehab business with the addition of the design center.

“We’re looking to help people renovate their houses,” Walt Cheatle said, mentioning another byproduct of the market: “They can’t afford to move because they can’t get the value of their houses.”

Trigon already has eight new houses “on the books” for 2011, he said, envisioning “a pretty good year,” all things considered. He acknowledged tough business choices in recent years, including letting people go. “We had to cut down on all the frills, bring it back down to the barebones minimum to survive — just like everyone else,” Cheatle said, expressing optimism going forward. “We think the economy has definitely turned the corner in terms of what we are seeing with buyers coming out of northern Virginia and other localities. “There is no doubt we have a huge uptick in our business so we look at this as an opportunity,” he said of the design center. “When the market is down, this is the time for us to be planning for when it gets back up.

Read the entire article.


December 16, 2010
Owning a home still the American Dream, despite housing bust, according to - reprint from
The American Dream is still alive and kicking, including within immigrant and minority communities, according to a survey from mortgage giant Fannie Mae. The housing crisis hasn't quenched the homeownership thirst, the company found. More than 51% of people said the bust did not change their willingness to buy a home and an additional 27% said it actually made them more likely to do so. "The crisis has not put a dent in the desire to own," said Doug Duncan, Fannie's chief economist, "although it may have changed the reasons that people want to own."

The report, the first close analysis Fannie has taken of consumer attitudes about the rent-or-own decision, found that qualitative reasons -- like having the ability to remodel or to send the kids to a better school -- have overtaken financial considerations as the primary motivators for homeownership. View the original article.


Trigon Homes featured in the Culpeper Star Exponent's "Adapting to a tough market" on October 30, 2010October 30, 2010
Trigon Homes is the featured Business in Culpeper Star Exponent
Trigon Homes is featured in the Culpeper Star Exponent's business section in an article entitled, "Adapting to a tough market." Reporter Ron Counts interviewed Nicole Cheatle, owner of Trigon Homes. Also featured was Tammy Corsaro-Jenkins, Design Center Coordinator. The article gave a sneak peek at Trigon's plans for the new design center on Main Street, as well as Trigon's emphasis on building ENERGY STAR homes as a standard.


September 2010
New Construction in Dove Hill
Work began on the newest home being built in Dove Hill. Photos coming soon!

May 6, 2010
ENERGY STAR® homes are on the rise in our area!
Trigon Homes is excited to provide well-built, attractive homes that are comfortable but are also a smart investment for the future. Since this time last year, we have provided five new ENERGY STAR certified homes to families in our area. And we have many more on the way!!

What's so special about our ENERGY STAR qualified homes? Open your utility bill and find out! ENERGY STAR qualified homes built in 2009 are the equivalent of:

  • Eliminating emissions from 830 vehicles
  • Saving 5,018,052 lbs of coal
  • Planting 1,371 acres of trees
  • Saving the environment 9,841,409 pounds of CO2


February 24, 2010

Good Real Estate News: Home Equity Is Rising Again

With all the bad news about underwater home owners and strategic walkaways, you might think that American home owners’ equity holdings are in the tank. But the least-publicized recent statistic on real estate is that, despite these scary reports, home equity is again on the rise. According to the Federal Reserve’s most recent “flow of funds” survey, home owners’ net equity grew by nearly $1 trillion from the recession’s nadir in the first quarter of 2009 through the third quarter. From June 30 to Sept. 30, net equity rose by $418 billion. That’s not all that impressive compared with the quarterly increases during the hyperinflationary housing boom years, but it could signal something important. After three years of unprecedented shrinkage in home equity — and three years of rapid expansions in the number of underwater borrowers with negative equity — there are signs that the down cycle may be shifting. (
Washington Post (2/13/10); Kenneth R. Harney


January 19, 2010

Trigon Homes Announces their move to downtown Culpeper

Everyone at Trigon Homes is excited to announce...
that we've moved our offices to downtown Culpeper. Please feel free to visit us in our new location at 237 E. Davis Street, Suite 200. We are getting settled in to our new offices, located upstairs above Edward Jones and across the street from The Raven's Nest Coffee Shop. Read more here.

January 8, 2010 - Featured in the Culpeper Start Exponent

Team Cheatle finds a new home by Rhonda Simmons

A family group of Realtors with deep ties to the local market has found a new home at Century 21 New Millennium. Team Cheatle — Terry Cheatle, Walter Cheatle, Jim Cheatle and Kelly Fox — joined Century 21 New Millennium at 601 S. Main St. in Culpeper earlier this month. The team worked for Re/Max Regency out of Warrenton before making the change.

“One of the reasons that this is such a good move for us is Century 21 allows us to have an off-site design center,” said Terry Cheatle, who has nearly 40 years of real estate experience. “About 50 percent of our business is new construction. Since we have to have a license somewhere, this gives us the opportunity to do both. So that works very well for us.” Read the entire article at the StarExponent.


November 19, 2009 ~

Housing Affordability Record-High Level for Third Consecutive Quarter

From the NAHB~ - Nationwide housing affordability, bolstered by affordable interest rates and low house prices, hovered for the third consecutive quarter near its highest level since the series was first compiled 18 years ago, according to the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index (HOI) released today. The HOI showed that 70.1 percent of all new and existing homes sold in the third quarter of 2009 were affordable to families earning the national median income of $64,000, down slightly from a near-record 72.3 percent during the previous quarter and up from 56.1 percent during the third quarter of 2008.

"At a time when housing is at its most affordable, we applaud the recent actions taken by Congress and President Obama to stimulate housing by extending the federal tax credit beyond its Nov. 30 deadline and expanding it to a wider group of eligible home buyers," said NAHB Chairman Joe Robson, a home builder from Tulsa, Okla. "With interest rates now lower than last quarter, the tax credit will encourage even more home buyers to enter the market and help stabilize housing and the economy by creating new jobs, stimulating home sales, reducing foreclosures, cutting excess inventories and stabilizing home prices." Read the rest of this article at

August 27, 2009 ~

Positive Signs: Home Prices on an Upswing in Second Quarter 2009

As of the 2nd quarter of 2009, average home prices across the United States are at similar levels to what they were in early 2003. From the peak in the second quarter of 2006, average home prices are down 30.2%. Read the entire article at

August 13, 2009 ~

Existing Home Sales Rise, Helped by Lower Prices

A real estate group says U.S. home prices posted a gain in the second quarter, another sign that the ailing housing market is finally coming to life. The National Association of Realtors says the median sales price in the quarter was $174,100, up 4 percent from the first quarter, but still almost 16 percent below a year ago. Click here for the rest of the article on

June 16, 2009 ~

Culpeper Residents are Building Energy Star Homes

Culpeper residents are building Energy Star homes. Trigon Homes is proud to offer Energy Star certified homes for homebuyers looking for great deals and savings for years to come. Each new contract we are signing this summer includes our customers' peace of mind that utility bills will provide up to 30% savings each year they are in their home.

January 15, 2009 ~

Trigon Homes proudly supported the Gourmet Chefs Auction

Every year, the Gourmet Chef's Auction gets bigger. Their donated gifts, more generous and our gourmets, greater. Join us this coming February for a Mardi Gras celebration at the beautiful Daniel Technology Center in Culpeper. Enjoy an evening of wine, music and the best food in five Piedmont counties, not to mention an auction full of amazing, altruistic, guilt-free luxuries. Last year’s items included getaways to romantic Bed and Breakfasts, five-course meals, tickets to equestrian events, theater tickets, concert tickets, and the list goes on. Event held on Thursday, February 26, 2009 from 6pm to 10pm. Purchase event tickets here in our Trigon office during the hours of Monday through Friday, 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:30pm-5:30pm. All proceeds benefit S.A.F.E., Services to Abused Families. For more information, visit the event website at

October 15, 2008 ~
Trigon Homes celebrates one year as an Energy Star Certified Builder

Trigon Homes is proud to offer “tried and true” energy efficiency features to meet ENERGY STAR guidelines for new home building. The variety of features available can be integrated with consumer preferred designs, layouts, or option packages. This fit perfectly with our existing mission of providing our customers the option to customize their home down the the last detail. We get to offer energy savings that benefits homeowners, the environment and the future of homebuilding... well that's what we are all about here at Trigon! See how energy savings is really a built-in feature that is more behind the walls than in the appearance of your home. Click here to take a tour "behind the walls" at

May 30, 2008 ~ Why Build a New Energy Star Home
Benefits for Homeowners, from Energy Star

Compared with standard homes, ENERGY STAR qualified homes use substantially less energy for heating, cooling, and water heating-delivering $200 to $400 in annual savings. Over the average 7 to 8 years you may live in your home, this adds up to thousands of dollars saved on utility bills. Additional savings on maintenance can also be substantial. Financing your home purchase using an energy efficient mortgage can also lead to saving
s. Click here for full article.

Thursday, April 3, 2008 ~ Trigon Development was recognized in the Culpeper Star-Exponent's
Building Change for Generations
by Allison Brophy Champion, staff writer

The three-story beige building on Piedmont Street went up quietly in about a year’s time, another new house in a sea of new houses. But this was not your average building project. The new headquarters for Services to Abused Families went up with faith and charity: faith that more women and children would find solace within its walls and charity worth about $150,000. Click here for full article.

Saturday, February 9, 2008 ~ Trigon Homes was featured in the Culpeper Star-Exponent's
Real Green Houses by Allison Brophy Champion, staff writer

Saving money...
Walter Cheatle Jr., vice-president of production with Trigon Homes, said his company is dedicated to building green now and into the future. “Every house we build from here on out will be an EnergyStar-certified house or EarthCraft,” he said. “This is by no means an anomaly.” Cheatle, 32, said Trigon started small with its model so as to show that an energy efficient house can go up at any price point. “We want every homeowner, whether they have quite a bit of money or they’re a first time homebuyer, to be able to buy into the green house program because it’s really become the wave of the future,” he said.

A huge misconception, Cheatle went on, is that it’s too cost-prohibitive to build green; while it’s “a little bit more expensive” to use better building standards, he said, it’s not so much that it will translate into a higher selling price. “We can stay right in the first-time homebuyer parameters and make it work for just about everybody,” Cheatle said. “It’s such a good program, we really believe the resale for the homeowners in the future is going to be a great benefit to them as well.” Click here for full article.

January, 17, 2008 ~ Trigon Article Released:
How to Choose a New Home Builder

Finding the right builder is key to achieving the new home that you envision.  Today, more than ever, people are choosing to build a new home to fit their individual needs, tastes, and lifestyles. They have learned that custom-built does not always mean expensive, and that it more often means better quality, higher satisfaction, and better long-term value for their house dollar. When you find the right builder, the process of building your very own new home will be even more rewarding and a much less stressful experience that you might imagine. 

What types of homebuilders?
There are three general types of homebuilders: custom builders, semi-custom builders and production builders. Click here for the full article.

Monday, December 3, 2007 ~ Trigon Homes' press release

Trigon Homes is a local homebuilder with a history of helping the Culpeper Community. So, it’s no surprise that Trigon Homes has announced their active involvement in the green building movement that is has caught national and local attention. The term green building refers to energy efficient construction that seeks to preserve our environment and our natural resources. Click here for full article.

Thursday, December 6, 2007 ~ Trigon Homes named PBVIA's 2007 Builder of the Year

Trigon Homes is named 2007 Builder of the Year by the PVBIA, Piedmont Virginia Building Industry Association. This is the third year that Trigon Homes has been given this honor. Trigon previously held the title of Builder of the Year in 2003 and 2004.


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