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The True Cost of Ownership

The cost of owning a home is more than just the monthly mortgage payments.  When making an informed decision about

purchasing home buyers must also consider the cost of utilities, maintenance and repairs.  A durable energy efficient home can be more economical and affordable than a cheaper house built with standard construction practices.

As the example below shows, lower energy costs can make a more expensive home more affordable.  After looking at the example, consider that this doesn’t even take into account the money and time you will save with Trigon’s low maintenance features.


Standard New Home

Same Home with Energy Improvements


Home price (90% mortgage, 8% interest)


$154, 816


Loan amount




Monthly payment*




Energy bills




The true monthly cost of home ownership




Monthly savings



* Estimated mortgage payments are based upon principle and interest only and do not include taxes and insurance. Values indicated here are for example only and will vary from home to home.
Source: “Energy Efficient Mortgage Home Owners Guide,” Federal Citizen Information Center.


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